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Ronda Rousey on the red carpet is a modern day chameleon

Ronda Rousey is out there for the world to see right now. No more is she just in the MMA spotlight, but she’s in the mainstream spotlight. She wears many hats and has managed to be a chameleon of sorts. Whatever Ronda does, she adapts and seems to blend in splendidly.

I used to have Ronda Rousey on my radio show almost every week. She was just a gal who did judo and posted on the Underground Forums. She wasn’t a big deal; Until she was.

Ronda Rousey became bigger than the UFC and now, she’s taking the world over. Whether it’s acting in Twizzlers commercials, starring in Mile 22, or killing it in the WWE; Rousey is a household name.

A lot of fans like to rip her apart because, well, it’s what MMA fans do when someone loses a fight. Like Ronda says in this video, she is more than just a fighter. Yeah, she may have lost her last two fights but she is winning at life more than most of us will ever know.