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Ronda Rousey will challenge Nia Jax for WWE women’s championship

I guess there is no better time than the present to make things move forward for Ronda Rousey in the WWE. Being that Ronda was already a huge celebrity before entering the WWE, she is used much differently than the other entertainers there. Since she is a novelty, everything happens much quicker for her. Based on this video, it looks as if the Rowdy one will be taking on Nia Jax for her WWE women’s championship.

This shows that the WWE has a lot of faith in Rousey because if she wins, she becomes an ambassador for the company. That means even more appearances and promotion. However, we’ve seen this with Brock Lesnar in the WWE and he barely shows up to shows. I’m sure that Ronda will be much more active than Brock “I hate everyone” Lesnar.

Ronda will take on Jax at the WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view, set to take place on June 17.