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Ronda contract signing for Nia Jax title fight at WWE Money in the Bank

The WWE have a trend that they do in their shows to make the Pay Per Views feel bigger. In this case, it’s the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV. They do contract signings in the ring. Usually, after the contracts are signed, someone winds up going through a table or getting beaten severely. However, Ronda Rousey’s contract signing with Nia Jax last night on Monday Night RAW was more of a mind job by the commissioner, Stephanie McMahon.

Steph played Devil’s advocate on both women and tried to rile them up. They took on the angle that Ronda is used to fighting women her size and that there was no way she could beat someone the size of Jax. Conversely, McMahon was in Jax’s ear saying that she’s lazy and Ronda is the greatest fighter, etc.

Watch the video and see what happens when the two squared off in the ring. Ronda is getting better in her promos, but they should rethink putting a microphone in her face.