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Ronda corners the RAW GM and demands retribution

The WWE is all about retribution and revenge. The soap opera on steroids has more to do with storyline and feelings than it does with the physical performance. This week, the top story on WWE Monday Night RAW is the same as it always is; Whatever is happening with Ronda Rousey. Once again, her segment leads the charge as the most view part of the show.

The story is that Natalya is her friend and Natalya gets attacked and of course, Ronda has to do something about it. She hits up the acting general manager, Alexa Bliss, and demands that she gets to exact her revenge on those who wronged her. Bliss obliged and Ronda got her match.

It’s incredible how fast Ronda has taken over the WWE as the biggest draw. Amazingly, she leads the way every week.