Ronda Rousey looked AMAZING on the Conan O’Brien Show.

Ronda Rousey looked AMAZING on the Conan O’Brien Show.

A few days ago on, UFC President Dana White spoke about how Ronda Rousey was in ‘sick’ shape, as she gets ready for her women’s bantamweight championship bout vs Amanda Nunes at UFC 207. The fight is 3 weeks away and White claimed that the Rousey was walking around at 135 pounds.

MMA fans know the drill, though. Dana is a promoter and you never know what will be fact or fiction. Remember, Dana said Nate Diaz was training for a triathlon and was in great shape for a short notice fight with Conor McGregor. As it turns out, Diaz was partying in Mexico and training for a triathlon of drinking. So, hearing how Ronda is taking  this fight seriously is what you’d expect Dana to say, so of course, MMA fans were skeptical.

That is, until Ronda Rousey walked on stage for the Conan O’Brien show on Wednesday night. Rousey was stunning. Her body was on point and her spirits were high. After her loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193, Rousey was shattered. She became a recluse for a while and when she resurfaced, the unyielding confidence that she always displayed, was a distant memory. Her behavior was just fuel for the critic’s fodder. Haters couldn’t wait to say that she was done in MMA and that she was weak.

Maybe she was… But, like any true champion, she dusted herself off and got back to work. Ronda walked onto the Conan O’Brien show with a purpose. Gone were the days of her awkward interviews and unpreparedness of a reluctant superstar. We saw a confident, motivated, and happy Ronda Rousey. Between her talking about her new hobbies of knitting and playing World of Warcraft with Vin Diesel (I know, right?!?!), she also spoke about her upcoming fight with Amanda Nunes.

When asked by Conan about how she is approaching fighting this time around and about possibly smack talking her opponent, Ronda responded:

“I’ve done a lot of learning this last year. The views I get or the money I make, doesn’t really do anything for my happiness. Now that I know the women’s division is secure, I don’t have to do that any more, so I choose not to. It’s not something I get a kick out of, like, oooh I want to spent hours on ESPN and talk shit all day. That’s not really what I want to do. I want to train and go play World of Warcraft, you know?”

Conan then said Nunes was doing some smack talking of her own, by saying she’d finish Ronda in the first round. Ronda wasn’t buying it:

”Well she kind of has to say that because everyone knows she gasses out by the second round. So, she has to tell herself that.”

Conan then addressed the whispers about her retiring after this fight. Rousey said she didn’t think this was her last fight, but “definitely soon”.

Ronda is a special athlete who has helped pave the way for Women’s MMA and the MMA crossover to the mainstream. Her future is already financially secure, at just 29 years old. If she wanted, she could stop fighting today. She does not need to fight, anymore. She WANTS to fight!

Check out these clips from the show…