Ronda Rousey missing all UFC 207 media engagements.

Ronda Rousey missing all UFC 207 media engagements.

It has been reported that Ronda Rousey has chosen to skip all media engagements leading up to UFC 207 this week. You know what? It’s ok.

Since Ronda’s loss to Holly Holm she’s been under the microscope. When was she coming back? Would she even come back? How was her psyche? These are all questions that will be answered on December 30 at UFC 207.

We’ve seen Dana White really go in on Conor McGregor and Nick Diaz for missing press conferences in the past. So why does Ronda get the special treatment? Because she’s Ronda. That’s why.

Of course she SHOULD take part in open workouts and other public media events to help promote UFC 207. What she has done for the sport though, I can see why Dana White gave her a pass. If missing these events helps with her focus and she wins the title back… That is really good for the business of the UFC. If you haven’t noticed, Amanda Nunes’ face has barely been seen in the UFC’s marketing of their title fight.

I keep saying that the UFC is in the ‘making money’ and ‘entertainment’ business, not the ‘who deserves what’ business. MMA hardcore fans and journalists still haven’t seemed to grasp this. The UFC is going to make the smartest business decisions that get the most views, and make the the most money. Ronda wearing the strap again makes them the most money. This is why she is probably getting her demands met.

Here’s the other thing… A lot of us are huge MMA nerds who live and die by every rumor or news piece that comes out. We aren’t who the UFC markets their pay per views towards. They know they’ve got us on lock already. It’s the goofball at work who never stops talking to you about MMA, that the UFC is directing their marketing efforts towards.

As I type this… News has just broken that Cain Velasquez is out of his fight with Fabricio Werdum.

1 hour ago spoke to Javier Mendez and he stated that everything with Cain was good to go, for his UFC 207 fight with Fabricio Werdum. 20 minutes later, the NSAC has pulled the fight. I only bring this up because again, only MMA nerds will know this fight is off. Mainstream fans only know that Ronda Rousey is fighting some Brazilian on December 30 and the ppv is $59.99. It’s $65.99 in hi-definition. 90% of viewers won’t even know that Cain vs Werdum were even scheduled to fight on the card.

Rousey missing media commitments will probably have little to no affect on ppv buys. Fans planning on watching the fights wouldn’t even know where to find an open workout streaming online, or that they even existed in the first place. The UFC sees a much bigger picture than our small little MMA bubble obsesses over. That is why Ronda is getting a pass. Afterall,