Ronda Rousey posts inspirational quote by JK Rowling

Ronda Rousey posts inspirational quote by JK Rowling

Ronda Rousey finds inspiration in JK Rowling quote.

Ronda Rousey has gone somewhat radio silent since her 48 second loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207.  She was not interested in speaking to the media before the fight, and has continued that trend in time since the fight.  She released a professionally written statement thanking her supporters and today she posted an inspirational quote on her Instagram account.

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Wherever Ronda finds inspiration is great, she will need it as she makes decisions on what’s next for her.  As is the case when anyone with such fame loses, people are quick to point and laugh. People are mean, and Ronda catches just an astronomical amount of nonsense from people after she loses a fight.

Whether you feel her career inside the Octagon is over or not, she should be respected for her achievements and what she’s done to pave the way for women in the UFC.  She is a pioneer, and one of the biggest stars in the sport’s history.

She remains one of the most compelling people in the sport, and has millions of people all wondering where she goes from here.  It appears she is looking to rebuild, which is a good start.  Here’s hoping she surrounds herself with good people and finds happiness.