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Ronda Rousey feels that right now, DC is the top fighter in MMA

When asked if Daniel Cormier is the GOAT, Ronda Rousey isn’t sure. However, she feels that right now, DC is MMA’s top dog. The recently crowned Hall of Famer has been working her butt off with movies, WWE, and UFC duties. Leaving the airport and looking exhausted, Rousey still stops to answer questions.

Despite her obvious state, Rousey is able to put things into perspective when asked questions about DC’s status.

“Saying ‘right now’ and ‘GOAT’ is kind of contradictory because one is all-time and one is right now. So it doesn’t make sense to be the GOAT right now.

I think right now, he’s the best in the game right now”.

It’s hard to dispute that, being that DC is holding two belts in two different weight classes, concurrently.