The best part of Ronda at Royal Rumble had nothing to do with WWE

The world saw Mrs Ronda Rousey-Browne change sports last night at the WWE’s Royal Rumble. The MMA superstar made her appearance in the WWE and reports immediately surfaced that she signed as a full-time employee.

We kind of all saw this coming and we were even skeptical a few days ago when she said she wouldn’t be at the Rumble. After all 30 female entrants made their way to the ring, fans gave up hope that Ronda was coming to participate in the match.

After the match had ended, Ronda’s music hit and the arena went absolutely bananas. However, the best reaction came from the home of Ronda Rousey. Her husband, Travis Browne, set up a hidden camera to film his son’s reactions to her appearance. What happened next, was absolutely priceless.