Ronda Rousey surfaces in Las Vegas

Ronda Rousey surfaces in Las Vegas

Following a loss, some fighters like to lay low for a bit, none more so than former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

After her first loss to Holly Holm, Ronda stayed out of the public eye for quite sometime. Her lone appearance in the weeks following the loss saw her covering her face as she returned home at the airport.

Her recent loss to bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes has garnered a similar result as it pertains to public appearances. We are yet to see or hear from Ronda, except for a quick statement she put out a few days later.

This loss may have hit harder as the fallout from other fighters and some media appeared to be much more harsh towards the former champ.

TMZ Sports is reporting, however, that Rousey and her boyfriend Travis Browne visited a gun shop in Las Vegas this past weekend. They visited The Range 702 Gun Shop, where she applied for a concealed carry permit, which of course would allow her to carry a concealed weapon.

She’ll have to wait 90 days to find out if she’s been approved for the permit or not. But talking about Rousey’s guns may soon take on new meaning.

She took a class and did some shooting, no word yet on how well she did at the range. (Insert “Let’s hope Edmund isn’t her firearms coach” joke here)