Sport and Spectacle – Roy Jones Jr. to meet former bare knuckle boxer

Sport and Spectacle – Roy Jones Jr. to meet former bare knuckle boxer

Roy Jones Jr. is stepping into the ring again, this time he faces former bare knuckle boxer Bobby Gunn in what could be an intriguing match up

For those of us who remember Roy Jones Jr. fondly, this is a story that plays on all emotions. You’re happy he’s still healthy enough to fight.  That said, you might want to not see it too often.  If you saw Roy Jones Jr. in his prime, you were undoubtedly a fan. Jones had everything, the flash, tremendous boxing skills and power. He was the very best, absolutely elite.  Roy was a joy to watch compete.  Jones is once again stepping into the boxing ring, at age 48, to face Bobby Gunn, a former Cruiserweight champion, and famed bare knuckle boxer.  If you’re not familiar with Roy’s career, take a look.

Jones (64-9)  has won world titles in three weight divisions, won an Olympic silver medal in the 1988 after being robbed of the gold medal. He has literally done it all. The boxing writers association named him “Boxer of the decade” for the 1990s.

Bobby Gunn (21-6) is a different animal altogether.  He comes from the world of bare knuckle boxing, but made a successful transition into professional boxing, having twice won a Cruiserweight title.  In Gunn’s highest profile fight to date, he clashed with James Toney back in 2012.  He was unable to answer the bell for the 5th round, losing the fight convincingly.  He’s currently on a three fight losing skid, and has only entered the ring 3 times in the past six years. Let’s take a look at Bobby, in his own words.

The Fight Itself

This fight in an interesting look at what boxing has become. A fighter who’s fought 3 times in six years, losing all three against a 48 year old boxer, who at one time was thought to be the pound for pound best.  It’s kind of interesting to see what kind of draw this fight proves to be.  I think Roy Jones Jr. fans will watch, because they’re fans.  I’ll be watching, and hoping that if Jones wins, he opts to retire and leave his legacy intact.  He has made some interesting career choices of late. He actually fought a “fan” on a card in 2015 for 100,000.00.  Jones faced part time MMA participant Vyron Phillips as part of a boxing and MMA card.  Jones finished him in the second round.

The undercard for this championship match features boxers Joe Tiberi (13-2, 6KO), and Canada’s Henry Stewart (1-0, 1KO), as well as more to be announced at a later date.

Roy Jones, Jr. vs Bobby Gunn is for the WBF World Cruiserweight Championship.  It is scheduled to take place on Friday, February 17, 2017, only on PPV.