Roy Jones Jr. and Bobby Gunn threw down, here’s what happened

Roy Jones Jr. and Bobby Gunn threw down, here’s what happened

Roy Jones Jr. battered Bobby Gun for for seven rounds

Roy Jones Jr. had very little difficulty dispatching Bobby Gunn last night in Wilmington, DE.  At 48 years of age, Roy Jones is still doing the darn thing, and looked sharp against the ‘out-gunned’ Bobby Gunn.  In fact, he’d swept all seven rounds before Gunn was unable to answer the bell for the eighth round.  It goes in the books for another KO for Jones.

Bobby Gunn was game, but didn’t have the speed or conditioning to keep up with Jones.  He took considerable punishment, but managed to stay on his feet the entire time.  It was not horrible, and at age 43 it is more or less the performance we expected from Gunn.

Jones utilized a speed advantage and showed up in incredible shape.  He was able to land his jab, and throughout the fight peppered Gunn with two and three shot combinations.  It was in the seventh round when Jones landed the most damaging shots, wobbling Gunn towards the end of the round.  Gunn didn’t go down, and in some ways it seemed Jones let him off the hook.

After the seventh round, the doctor, and referee were in Gunn’s corner, and they opted to wave it off  and save Gunn from himself. The performance did not necessarily inspire a desire to see Jones compete again, but he did what he needed to do.  Here’s the combo that wobbled Gunn in the seventh, thanks Roy’s Instagram page.

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