RQMS Ep 27- Anastasia Yankova in studio. YES PLEASE!

RQMS Ep 27- Anastasia Yankova in studio. YES PLEASE!

Episode 27 is here of the Real Quick Podcast and the very special guest is Bellator star, Anastasia Yankova. It’s also a little special in the sense that this is Anastasia’s first English speaking interview. I had no idea that she was so fluent, but her English is VERY good. Anastasia stops by in the middle of her training camp for Bellator 200 to talk about everything you wanted to know about her; From her training camp to her tattoo meanings.

It’s no secret that Anastasia is one of Mike Swick’s star pupils at AKA Thailand, but she is also a HUGE star in Russia. She is a model, artist, and flyweight Bellator fighter. In fact, she may be the most popular fighter that is not in the UFC; Male or female.

From the RQMS YouTube:

“Undefeated Bellator star and model, Anastasia Yankova, joins the guys in studio to talk about everything. Her training camp at AKA Thailand, her life before fighting, since starting her fight career, her past health issues, her artwork, and why she quit drinking alcohol after she was 5 years old.

Also, some rare bonus sparring clips of her training with BAMMA World Flyweight Champion Daniel Barez and Titin, as she prepares for Bellator 200 this May. This is Anastasia’s very first public conversation in English, and it really gives an inside look at one of the most popular and mysterious figures in the sport.”

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