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RQMS Podcast: The crash and burn of a really bad segment

I’m not sure about what was actually supposed to happen in this segment. I can, however, tell you that Mike and Marc failed miserably throughout it. staff theories about what Mike and Marc were doing here:

  1. Are these guys supposed to be ushers at a Bar Mitzvah? Literally, they are wearing the standard seventh grader’s outfit at every Bar Mitvah that I’ve ever attended in my youth. The ‘loose tie’ look is straight out of the Jewish mother’s “You need to look nice, so people don’t think we are heathens” playbook.
  2. Mike and Marc are re-creating a modern day ‘Blues Brothers’. Guess what? It didn’t work in 1998 when John Goodman stepped in for John Belushi and they added a kid to the mix. This 2017 version is almost as bad as that one. Almost.
  3. Who else was expecting these guys to say: “Our most modest urn costs $750”?

This should have made it to the blooper reel, but let’s face it; The whole thing is a blooper real.