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RQMS Headlines Ep. Why Conor McGregor Hasn’t Been Stripped.

Why Conor McGregor Hasn’t Been Stripped! – UFC 223 – Headlines From The Sidelines

Mike Swick and Marc Bogutzki on the Real Quick Podcast breakdown the headlines. One of the big questions has been, ‘Why hasn’t Conor McGregor been stripped of his title?’

A lot of MMA fans are very passionate about Conor McGregor and how he is the deserved lightweight title. On the other side, a lot of fans seem offended that he hasn’t been stripped of his belt.

Mike and Marc break it all down and give some insight that you may not expect and some info that may surprise you. Swick shows his passion for MMA in this one and comes across as really understanding the MMA game. It’s another hit episode of the Real Quick Podcast.

Enjoy this one!

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