RQMS Podcast 10: The Big Boss Man, Dana White

RQMS Podcast 10: The Big Boss Man, Dana White

Episode 10 of the Real Quick Podcast sees the UFC boss man, Dana White, make his way on to the show. Dana is never short on opinions (or expletives) and he lays them all out there when he answers every question Mike and Marc throw at him.

The highlight of the interview comes when (once again) Swick lets it be known how important he was in getting the sponsor banner into the UFC. What Mike heralds as his greatest MMA moment, turns out to be the bane of Dana’s existence. Dana White literally shattered Mike’s dreams and everyone at MikeSwick.com has been laughing ever since.

“The worst thing to happen in the UFC. Congratulations. It looked like shit. Every time one of those goofy f*****g banners rolled down; I couldn’t see through the Octagon or what was going on. Neither could the people who paid f*****g $750 sitting behind me. All the rinky-dink f*****g sponsors on the thing. Chiropractic center and all this shit.

F****g horrible. I used to cringe seeing those things rolling down. I was always wondering who started that bullshit.”

Boom, roasted!

Dana and the guys touch on the Las Vegas shooting, Conor McGregor, Michael Bisping vs GSP, future stars in the UFC, and a plethora of other subjects. It’s an informative and hilarious interview that lasts close to an hour.

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