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RQMS Podcast Ep 24 with Chuck Liddell. ‘Iceman and the Tramp’.

There are some things that you just can’t unsee. On episode 24 of the Real Quick Podcast, Marc Bogutzki is one of those things. Mike Swick decided to mess with his best friend and told him the only way Chuck Liddell would come on the show would be if Marc dressed as a ladyboy. Marc did it and looked like a tramp on heroin. Despite Marc’s uncanny resemblance to Alanis Morissette on a bender, this episode is all about The Iceman.

From our YouTube:

‘Chuck Liddell joins the guys in an epic interview as Mike tricks Marc into dressing in drag as a ladyboy. Chuck makes a bold challenge to Tito Ortiz, they discuss Chuck’s memorable time in Thailand and in LA, Chuck Liddell Jr beating up Marc, his crazy trip up the Mountain in Peru with Steve-O, his time on Big Brother, and more!’

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