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RQMS Podcast Ep 20: Swick ventured to Hollywood! Marc stays at work.

You may have wondered why the Real Quick Podcast has been quiet for a week or so. It was because Mike Swick ventured to California and took care of some mainland business. Marc had to stay in Thailand and do AKA Thailand work, so the boys couldn’t get their faces on the screen for you all.

Now, the guys are back in business and it sounds like it’s about to pick up. Swick mentioned that there will be five new podcasts within the next two weeks with a bevvy of guests for you guys!

While the whole show is as entertaining as ever, I believe the highlight was Mike telling Marc that he’s the reason they never became actors.

“You caused me not to be an actor. That’s why I had to fight in a f*****g cage my whole life. Thanks, man.”

This, and so much more are in the show. As usual, the guys touch on everything regarding MMA and life in general.

From our YouTube:

“Mike returns to Phuket from Hollywood, as Marc acts thrilled about missing it. Mike gives an update on Anastasia Yankova’s past health issues and current training camp for Bellator 200. Marc tells about his first water boy job. The guys decide to make it on the Forbes list.”

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