The SacNinja saves the city with a little help from his friends at TAM

Sleep easy Sacramento, the SacNinja is on the job!

Every superhero has an alter-ego. Of course, Superman is actually Clark Kent. We all know Batman walks around as Bruce Wayne. For those of you who don’t know, The SacNinja is none other than the local hero, Bryant. He keeps the streets of Sacramento safe for residents. He’s a hero, undoubtedly, and like most heroes, he has his close network of friends. The SacNinja is down with Team Alpha Male.

Bryant is a young man who happens to have a heart condition. He made a wish to be a Ninja, and boy did it ever come true. With the help of his sidekick Danny Casillo, he rid the streets of crime and freed the police chief in front of an adoring crowd.

It’s all in a day’s work for the SacNinja, who doesn’t seek fame or fortune, just justice and safe streets in California’s capital city.

Here’s a video of the SacNinja working on some moves with Danny Castillo, making sure Danny was up to the task at hand. You can tell that Bryant was patient and brought Danny along slowly, as not to bruise his confidence.

There was also some random fan out there, who sounded a lot like Urijah Faber who caught the heroics on camera.  Take a look.