Sad ‘bullied kid’ video goes viral. Turns out REAL bad.

Sad ‘bullied kid’ video goes viral. Turns out REAL bad.

A video of a bullied kid went viral and honestly, everybody got pissed off. Nobody likes a bully and this poor kid ‘seems’ to have been feeling the wrath of them. In fact, ‘Keaton’ is now trending #1 in America.

Even UFC President Dana White tweeted out his heartbreaking feelings about it.

Guys from the roster, celebrities, and other athletes were touched by the video and a lot of them came forward and offered their services. Eleven from Stranger Things, LeBron James, Stipe Miocic, and about a hundred other ‘important’ people wanted to help Keaton out. Even Captain America, Chris Evans, reached out and invited Keaton to the new Avengers premier to be his guest.

However, in reaching out, our story took a twist.

Bellator and Glory fighter, Joe Schilling, was one of those fighters to offer a helping hand to the family of Keaton. Smokin’ Joe reached out to what he ‘thinks’ was Keaton’s mom and everything went South. Whether or not it is really Keaton’s mom, we don’t know yet.

Edit: Schilling has since removed his Instagram posts.

Of course, in America you are guilty until proven innocent. The family is now accused of being a bunch of white supremacists because of this post and pictures of young Keaton holding the Confederate flag. There’s even a story circulating that Keaton was bullied because he was using racial slurs towards some black kids and they retaliated. However, there is no evidence to support anyone’s claims. Literally, the story is all over the place.

No one knows what is fact or fiction right now. Only two things are certain:

  1. $60k has been raised on “Someone’s” GoFundMe page (GoFundMe is now trending in the US).
  2. Keaton’s family has pictures with the Confederate flag (So did the Dukes of Hazzard).

It’s going to take a while to sort this mess out.