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Sage Northcutt reads your tweets, and it’s positively glorious

Sage Northcutt actually said, “Mother Beeper”, not the swear word, actually, “Mother Beeper”

There are a few certainties in this crazy world of ours. One of mine is, if you don’t like Sage Northcutt, we can’t be friends. Anyone who hates that kid is fundamentally¬†dark and damaged. He’s polite, he’s talented, he never says anything really negative and he fights his as….excuse fights his butt off. We posted he’s currently a free agent a while back, and now. he’s reading tweets in a hilarious video.

I dig Sage, and I cheer for him when he fights and wishes good things for him and fighters who are respectful and kind to people. Call me crazy, but it’s important to me.

Labrada Nutrition recently released a video of Sage Northcutt reading and responding to Tweets, and it’s good stuff. We thank them for releasing this video so we could share it with you. Sage is just a genuinely good guy.

My favorite quote from Sage in response to a fan asking him to not be so nice, and come to the dark side. Sage responded a scoff and the following phrase which I’m sure Evan Shoman will appreciate.

“Yeah yeah right.¬† I’m not doing that. I’ve seen Star Wars. Dark Side’s not good.”