Sage Northcutt looks massive next to Tyron Woodley

Sage Northcutt looks massive next to Tyron Woodley

How Sage Northcutt makes Lightweight is beyond me

Sage Northcutt has been spending time with UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. That will undoubtedly improve his game, as the saying goes, iron sharpens iron.  The two have been training at Roufusport with Din Thomas.  What is surprising about the photo Sage posted to his Instagram is just how much larger he seems to be than his Welterweight counterpart.  Check it out for yourself.

Originally Din posted the photo, but Sage shared it on his account.

Sage is a tremendous young talent. He’s an elite athlete, who can truly benefit from training with someone like Din and in a gym like Roufusport.  Sage is currently 8-2 as a professional and 3-2 in the UFC. He currently doesn’t have an upcoming fight signed, but when he does, we’ll be sure and let you know.

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