There’s a Hurricane in the UFC featherweight division and it’s name is Shane Burgos

There’s a Hurricane in the UFC featherweight division and it’s name is Shane Burgos

You know who Shane Burgos is. He is the guy that put an absolute thrashing on Tiago Trator in his UFC debut. Don’t know? He sits undefeated at 8-0 and is a featherweight prospect. Still don’t know? In his first UFC fight, he got a haircut between rounds. Ohhhh, now you remember.

Yes, getting your hair cut in a professional MMA contest will get people remembering you. However, Shane wanted his fighting to be what defined him. His performance against Tiago Trator is how he should have made headlines. Shane really took the fight to Trator and he won a runaway decision.

Burgos is that new breed of featherweight that has become a staple of the division. He is big, strong, and never stops moving forward. Shane’s style is consistent with Cub Swanson, Doo Ho Choi, Korean Zombie, and Max Holloway. He walks you down and doesn’t stop throwing punches until you are done.

“I like that style where you bite down on your mouthpiece, go forward, and throw. Being compared to them, I’ll take that. I’m going to make my own name though.”

“That’s what it (MMA) started out as. Then everybody started point fighting. I have never been a point fighter in my life. Between rounds, I never think about whether or not I won that round. I always think about how I’m going to finish the fight in the next round. Never about winning points or winning rounds.”

“I could have coasted in my last fight. In the third round I got a takedown and looked at my corner. They said we had 30 seconds left. I said, “F**k this. Let’s stand up and bang it out, for the last 30 seconds.”

“No fight coming up. Probably not until April, because of having a baby in a couple of weeks.”

“Obviously my future goals in the UFC, are to become champion”

“My immediate goal is to win a bonus my next fight. I thought I was going to get one last time. I want one of those ‘Performance of the Night’ bonuses. Not ‘Fight of the Night’, because I don’t get paid by the hour.”

*All quotes taken from my interview with Shane Burgos on Crimson Canvas Radio*