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Shaq vs Forrest Griffin at the UFC Performance Institute

Sometimes, size does matter. In the case of Shaquille O’Neal, yeah, it matters. Shaq is a mountain of a man and anything he does that deals with leverage, he’s going to win that 10/10 times against smaller people. Let’s face it, 99% of the population is smaller than he is.

Enter former UFC light heavyweight champion, Forrest Griffin. Shaq was at the UFC Performance Institute and was behaving in his usual Shaq-ish way. Claiming he’d whoop anyone in the building, it looks like he got his wish with the most faithful of UFC employees, Forrest Griffin.

While it’s just a preview, you can see how massive Shaq is when grappling with Griffin. I’ve met Forrest in real life and the dude is enormous. For him to look like a child with Shaq in his guard, really says something about the size of O’Neal.

I can’t wait until the full episode drops, but for now, here’s the preview.