Shockingly, fans seem to be done with Conor and Dana’s love for him.

Shockingly, fans seem to be done with Conor and Dana’s love for him.

As I shockingly read through the comments on MMA Junkie’s YouTube video, I thought, “Damn, fans are sick of McGregor and Dana’s love for him”. At one point, all fans did was talk about how Conor McGregor was the greatest of all time. Now it seems that they are fed up with him never defending any title and his antics outside of the cage.

As I continued to read the comments I expected at least one person would come and defend the two. It absolutely did not happen and the comments were those of people who seemed tired of it all. We’ve come a long way in a very short time. Fans seem to have gone from loving McGregor to having absolute disdain towards him in a matter of months.

Instead of me explaining, here are the latest posts from the video. Mind you, these are pretty brutal.

“Conor’s dick was so far in Dana White’s mouth, I couldn’t understand anything he said.”


“I hate how Dana keeps calling Conor a ‘kid’ and making it seem like he doesn’t know what he is doing. He is a 29-year-old grown man who has a family and runs a business; He is no naive kid. If Conor were alway down to fight, then why no title defenses and why hasn’t he fought for your organization in over a year? I know Dana loves him because he makes him so much money, but he has got to stop making excuses for this dude. I’d love to see Conor be a dominant champ, but his inability to defend his title is making him look bad. If he is in this just to make money, that’s cool. Just say that and let go of the belt. He is a great skilled fighter but the dude is tarnishing his own legacy.”

“Who gives a f**k about Conor? Just let him vacate the belt. We all know Tony is the real champ. The real MMA fans wanna see Tony vs Khabib!!”

“Dana White is like Conor’s overprotective dad.”

“I don’t give a f**k about Conor anymore. He’s turned into a f*****g idiot and he’s not even an amazing fighter, either.”

“Conor is DONE. The hype around him died hard after the Floyd fight. Conor shot his mouth off for almost a year that he would KO Mayweather within 3 rounds; Then he got his ass beat. No one cares about McGregor anymore, not even the Irish. McGregor proved to everyone he is just in it for his own publicity and doesn’t actually care about being the GOAT of MMA. Conor is DONE.”

“Strip him already.”

“HAHA. I always said McNuggets would go down in the history books as a champ who never defended a belt. GOAT my ass. GOAT of being a bitch more like it.”

“Conor said he wants Khabib in Russia, the kid’s amazing”. Dana “Conor might never fight again” White.”

“Dana white is a piece of shit to say Ferguson doesn’t have room to talk!?!?! Dude is on a 10 fight win streak!!! One of the few to actually have to work his way up the division and u wanna say McGregor is the total package; Yet he has no f*****g ground game, lol. Dana is a joke! The rankings are a joke! Reebok deal is a joke!”