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WTF is a ‘Shoey’? Tai Tuivasa and Marc Bogutzki explain

If anyone is going to be able to describe something that deals with chugging a beer, it would be an Australian and The Real Quick with Mike Swick Podcast’s, Marc Bogutzki. When it’s a ‘shoey’, they both seem to be experts.

When I first saw Tai Tuivasa drink a beer from a stranger’s shoe, I sounded like Smokey in ‘Friday’ when his blind date took off her wig. *High pitched* “GOD DAMN”! It was a feeling of ‘why?’ and ‘what is your problem?’. To Swick and myself, it doesn’t get much more disgusting than that. However, according to Tuivasa, it does.

“Usually you get someone’s workboot. That was a new shoe, so that was easy”.

A ‘shoey’, y’all.