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Smilin Sam Alvey joins in on the callouts of DC. Because, why the hell not?

Beating Stipe Miocic propelled Daniel Cormier into the stratosphere. DC had to know that when he became the man, the target on his back would weigh pretty heavily. Since his victory at UFC 226, he has been called out by everyone from Yoel Romero to Brock Lesnar. Now, Smilin Sam Alvey called him out. Just for shits and giggles.

Obviously, Alvey is just pulling our leg. While he could be deserving of a title shot at some point, right now, he’s not really close. So, MMA fans should take it for what it is; A guy who knows he has no chance of getting a fight, asking for the hell of it. Let’s face it, it can’t hurt.