Snoop Dogg shows Conor McGregor complete disrespect. *explicit content*

Snoop Dogg shows Conor McGregor complete disrespect. *explicit content*

Snoop Dogg has been doing color to Urijah’s PBP on the Dana White Contender Series.

People should be held to similar rules of conduct as it pertains to employment and representing a company. Snoop Dogg has been doing his Snoopcast with Urijah Faber during Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender’s Series and for the most part, I think some people find it entertaining. I know a lot of people, however, do not find it at all enjoyable.

That said, it is up to the UFC to make decisions on who they employ and in what capacity. However, when a representative of their company shows utter disrespect for one of their champions and does so in such an inflammatory manner, it can’t go unpunished. Snoop had an Instagram post after the Mayweather/McGregor fight that has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.  He can be heard saying to the camera, among other things.

“F*ck that motherf*cking punk ass McGregor bitch. F*ck him! That’s what happens when you show up to a gangfight with a butterknife you bitch ass motherf*cker.”

To show Conor, a two-time UFC champion that level of disrespect when you yourself work for the UFC is remarkable. UFC Welterweight Matt Brown posted the video via Instagram, asking people to start the hashtag #fireSnoop.

I hope this idiot gets fired let’s get #firesnoop trending he don’t need to be involved in our sport at all

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