The Softer Side of Conor McGregor

The Softer Side of Conor McGregor

Talk about juxtaposition. Just one article ago it was Conor McGregor going off on the Kardashian family, and now it’s Conor’s softer side with a bouquet of flowers and discussing the last time he cried.

Gracing the cover of GQ Style’s spring issue, Conor got in touch with his more sensitive side a bit; with a much more tame line of questioning such as, “What’s your favorite romantic comedy?”

The softer side of Conor McGregor

We can’t spoil the answer for you. The video below is a great look at a little less brash, but just as confident, Conor McGregor. One of the more interesting tidbits about the video, is that it’s probably the first question and answer session with Conor in quite some time that the name Floyd Mayweather was not brought up.

So without further adieu, by way of GQ, we present to you The Softer Side of Conor McGregor: