The Soulja Boy and Chris Brown Saga Continues

The Soulja Boy and Chris Brown Saga Continues

Soulja Boy and Chris Brown are going toe to toe on PPV in March, what a time to be alive.

We first made mention of the battle of Hip Hop Superstars earlier this week.  Evan Shoman spoke on the upcoming tilt giving us a bit of background.  Today we have a bit more, as well as a potential undercard fight. So sit down and soak in the greatness that is Soulja Boy and Chris Brown.

How do most great wars start? Yep, over a female. In this case that female is Karrueche Tran, Brown’s former girlfriend and actress starring in the TV Series, The Bay.  Apparently Soulja Boy liked a photo she posted on Instagram, which led Chris Brown to say something….etc.  Here’s how it unfolded on Social Media.


After that, both gentlemen went where all hip hop beefs end up, social media.  They exchanged barbs and it got kind of ugly, as it often does. When killers take to twitter, it gets heated.

social media

You figured at that point that this whole thing would die down and it would be chalked up as another hip hop squabble that faded away. That wasn’t to be the case however.  They continued to go back and forth until Soulja Boy said something about Mayweather getting the boxing ring ready.  That apparently irked the bad boy from the mean streets of Tappahannock, Virginia.  Chris Brown was ready to go toe to toe. 

Real Fighters Get Involved

So, if you’re a rapper, and you’re going to have a boxing match, who do you go to for help? Floyd Mayweather, of course. Floyd said he’d be promoting the event with 50 Cent and he’d be helping Soulja Boy get ready for the fight.  That’s a pretty solid trainer.  Not to be outdone, Chris Brown is having former four-weight world boxing champion Adrien Broner and Mike Tyson train him ahead of the big clash.  In fact, Mike Tyson said, “Soulja Boy is gonna get f*cked up.” in the video below.

More breaking News : Watch me work, I got Iron mike on the line. #thefightstillon

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So, we have two rappers who are going to box and be trained by three former world champions.  It’s the kind of spectacle normally reserved for a Japanese MMA event, but luckily for us, it’ll be available on PPV in March.

Soulja Boy should be on his toes though. Boxer Andre Berto warned him that Chris Brown can actually fight.  Here’s what he said. “That’s my dude…if they want to make it happen, shit, he already know I got him…I worked with Chris plenty of times…he texted me this morning about it…Chris can fight for real,”  Check it out.

A Possible Undercard?

Now this would be interesting as a lone fight, but 50 Cent would have us believe that an entire card is being put together.  Here’s what he had to say about some other undercard fights.

UP DATE, BIG FIGHT NEWS, we might have to do this at the BX FIGHT CLUB.

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Now in all honesty, I have no idea who Savage 21 or Savage 22 is.  Never heard of them.  But apparently they share a name and are none too pleased about it.  They were said to be fighting for the use of the name.  Now, it has been said that Savage 21 said “They’re talking about all this boxing, man. We walk around with choppers and s**t.”  So that fight certainly isn’t set in stone. I mean, they have choppers.  Why box in a ring when you can shoot each other over a fictional name?

#21savage responds to boxing #22savage

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Neither Tim Thomas or Kenyon Martin have publicly responded to the claim that they too are fighting on the undercard in March.  If and when it is confirmed, you’ll be the first to know.

Lastly, here’s the all important ‘Tale of the Tape’ for the clash of rap titans.

Stage Name

Soulja Boy

Chris Brown

Real Name

Deandre Cortez Way

Christopher Maurice Brown


Chicago, Il

Tappahannock, Virginia


5 foot 9

6 foot 1


150 Pounds

170 Pounds




Net Worth Est.

23 Million

49 Million