Stephan Bonnar arrested for DUI and erratic behavior

Stephan Bonnar arrested for DUI and erratic behavior

TUF 1 veteran and UFC Hall of Famer, Stephan Bonnar, was arrested for a DUI and all sorts of other erratic behavior. As it turns out, Steph was driving drunk and making some very questionable traffic moves in his car. A convoy of people were on the road and boxed Bonnar in and forced him to stop.

Once Bonnar was stopped, members of the convoy subdued Bonnar until the police showed up to arrest him. According to,

“Mom-of-one, Katie Dyer, claims that she, along with other members of the Jeep club JeepFam, went on to ‘box in’ Bonnar and reduced their speed, forcing him to stop. Passing truckers, meanwhile, arranged their vehicles in a line across the road which brought the convoy to a standstill around 2pm.

Police and traffic cops were called to the scene, and footage shows a Nevada highway patrol officer arresting Bonnar, as four truckers help hold him still. Video shows Bonnar, 41, looking flushed, as he is held face-down to the gravel by four truckers.

The front bumper of his red car is smashed up and a orange luggage tie – used by motorists to detain him until police arrived – hangs from the driver-side door.

Dyer said that once they came to a stop, she and the other motorists raced around to the driver’s side to pull him out of the car and take his key. He had the car in drive and was hitting the car behind and Dyer’s in front. He was ramming into her jeep. She said, ‘We literally had to tie his arms to his door. We have ratchet straps that we would use for luggage, so we tied his right arm to his right door frame and his left arm to his left door frame.'”

Bonnar is being held on $20,000 for the DUI and $1,000 for each additional offense.