TUF 1 and UFC HOF’er Stephan Bonnar is jacked, calling people out, and ready to wrestle!

TUF 1 and UFC HOF’er Stephan Bonnar is jacked, calling people out, and ready to wrestle!

Yes, you read that correctly. It looks as if the ‘American Psycho’ Stephan Bonnar is taking his talents to the squared circle.

I woke up this morning and everyone’s hero Stephan Bonnar, was cutting a promo on my Facebook page. As I delved deeper, I found out that Steph is joining a Royal Rumble type match for the Midwest promotion, SmashMouth Pro Wrestling.

Life after MMA can be rough for fighters, but Stephan seems to have figured out what he’s good at. We first saw him cut the vicious promo against Tito Ortiz in Bellator, which led to the two HoF’ers fighting. Bonnar has even starred as the lead in the movie ‘Supreme Champion’. Needless to say… he is comfortable in front of the camera.

In another video posted by the promoter, Bonnar calls out UFC vet Sean McCorkle.

“…and I might have to work against this big clown, Sean McCorkle. He’s got a couple of wins in the UFC, but I guarantee you… SmashFest, I’m going to be smashing some fists in his mouth.”

Stephan is a huge personality and so are most professional wrestlers. It will be interesting to see where this all goes for him. What we do know, is that Stephan is coming to Valparaiso Indiana to tap some fools out and punch teeth down throats.

Get em Steph!

Info about SmashFest can be found on their Facebook page.


Just got a text from Steph, after asking him how he is preparing.

“To prepare for this, I’ve just been sparring my stand up and submission grappling. I was going to just have some fun in there and look to tap some of these fools out. Now we got some guys running their mouths. One guys is saying he’s gonna serve me sweet chin music. Unfortunately now, instead of going for the tap…I’m gonna to be breaking some bones, tearing some tendons, and popping some ligaments.”