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Jeremy Stephens goes up 2-1 on Conor McGregor with ‘mom’ talk

Jeremy Stephens started his career vs Conor McGregor with a loss. Conor killed him with his now famous line, “Who the fook is that guy?”. Stephens evened up the series when he posted a photo a few months later embracing Conor’s mom.

There really is no coming back from someone getting your mother involved and today, Stephens landed another knockout blow. Speaking to TMZ, Stephens absolutely swung below the belt and secured his second victory over Conor McGregor.

“His mom is pretty hot too. Look at her, she’s great. Maybe his dad could pick us up in the cab he used to drive and then take me and his mom out on a date.”

The comments on that YouTube video are hilarious. Not because they are original or witty, but because McGregor fanboys hearts are breaking.

THAT is who the fook that guy is.