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Stipe Miocic wins the internet with low key burn on DC and the UFC

Stipe Miocic laid in wait for his moment to pound, and pounce he did!

There has been a lot of chat surrounding whether or not former Flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson will get an immediate rematch after his controversial split decision loss to Henry Cejudo. Henry indicated he was down to run it back, but Dana White and the UFC aren’t sure they’re on the same page.

It is similar to the situation in the Heavyweight division where Stipe Miocic lost his belt to Daniel Cormier, only to learn that Brock Lesnar would be next in line for the title shot. Brock, of course, is the most deserving candidate for a title shot. I mean, he’s currently suspended by USADA and hasn’t won a fight in the UFC since 2010. Seriously. He beat Mark Hunt but the fight was later ruled a no contest after Brock failed a drug test.

So that left Stipe out in the cold, and he isn’t happy about it. He said his piece and let it go, that is until DC commented on Demetrious Johnson deserving an immediate rematch. Then he tweeted, and it’s a classic. Take a look.