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If you have the stomach for it… Guy wouldn’t tap and suffered a horrific arm break.

This FloGrappling video from BJJ grappler Ethan Crelinsten’s Instagram shows him working a kimura on his opponent’s arm. The guy refused to tap, causing the most horrific bone break ever. It was so loud, that it was heard over the music playing and crowd noise. Check it out, if you don’t get queasy.

I mean, I know ‘Jesus Didn’t Tap’ was a clothing line that had a specific message that I’m still trying to figure out. However, this guy is not Jesus.

This happened at the Abu Dhabi West Coast Trials this past weekend. For all of you kids out there doing BJJ… If your arm is about to break, just tap. Put your ego aside and avoid being a highlight video on

Or don’t. We can always use the content.