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Teachers say ‘There are no stupid questions’. Jeff Mayweather disagrees.

Uncle Jeff Mayweather gives Ariel Helwani some straight answers to his questions. The closer we are getting to the May/Mac superfight, the less excited people close to it seem. For anyone that isn’t on Team McGregor, any question that isn’t pro-McGregor, is a stupid one. Jeff Mayweather seems to be at the end of his rope when it comes to a potential Conor McGregor victory.

“The one thing is this… You have a guy who has done this his whole entire life. Then you have another guy who decided to do this in the last three months. Who’s going to win? I don’t have to answer that dumb shit.”

Then Helwani asks the question of, “Then why is Floyd taking this?”

JM: “Don’t ask me no dumb shit like that. Why would you take it?”

AH: “For a lot of money.”

JM: “Okay then. Don’t ask me no stupid questions. That’s a dumb question, right?”

Realistically, there is nothing left to talk about with this fight. It’s just time to get it over with. August 26 can’t come soon enough.