Do we have a swagger-jacking? Did Ronda Rousey bite Cyborg’s look?

Do we have a swagger-jacking? Did Ronda Rousey bite Cyborg’s look?

Swagger-Jacking is a crime, or maybe that’s identity theft, either way, it’s frowned upon.

Breaker-Breaker 1-9 we have a full-on swagger-jacking in progress at Summerslam. The victim is Cris Cyborg and the suspect goes by the name Rowdy Ronda Rousey. All units please report. Alright, so many it’s not that big a deal. Maybe people just sport the look they want, and if someone else sported a similar look, so be it. I mean, it happens. That said, Cris Cyborg took to Instagram to pose the question. Was she swagger-jacked?

Ronda Rousey had an amazing Summerslam. Our resident editor and Ronda Rousey fanatic Evan Shoman reported on her Summerslam success. You can read that here. Despite winning the WWE championship in a one-sided (don’t get me started) squashing of Alexa Bliss, she might not have done so with an original look. Cyborg posted side by side images, see for yourself.

I’m not going to lie, when you look at the images side by side, it seems as if the look is a little bit too familiar. That said, I doubt Ronda sat down in the makeup chair at Summerslam and told the artist, “Give me the Cyborg.”  It’s just one of those funny coincidences. Heck, it made me laugh so I figured I’d share it with you.

Did Cyborg get her swag swiped? Make up your own mind.