Cub Swanson vs Max Holloway 2? Yes please.

Cub Swanson vs Max Holloway 2? Yes please.

Max Holloway knows the drill. Yes you can want a fight with Jose Aldo, but that doesn’t always mean you are going to get it. Jose Aldo has a way of getting hurt at the most inopportune times. It happens so often that I’m not quite sure who the actual featherweight champion is. All I know, is there are about 4 interim champions at the moment. Possibly 5.

It is certain that Max Holloway is one of those interim champs. He did an interview with MMA Junkie Radio and stated that he didn’t want to wait around if he couldn’t get a crack at Aldo.

“I’ll defend the interim title 10 times if I have to.”

Always down for a scrap, Cub Swanson took to twitter and offered to go again with Holloway.

If Aldo’s scheduled fight once again goes South, it sounds like Cub Swanson will be ready. Swanson capped off 2016 with a fight of the year performance that propelled him to super-stardom. The new UFC is all about putting on exciting fights and fighting for interim belts. Cub does 1 and wants the other. It would be nice to see the guy who has bled time and again for the UFC and never gotten a title shot, finally get that chance.

Swanson and Holloway last fought in 2015 and Holloway took the win. Cub has since won 3 straight, including the barn-burner of 2016 with Doo Ho Choi. It all becomes a timing issue now. Holloway is nursing an injured ankle and looking to fight in May. Of course Holloway wants to unify the title, but as he stated, he’s not big on sitting idly. As history has shown us, Jose Aldo has a tendency to pull out of fights more than he is active. Let’s put it this way… Since the UFC brought WEC over, Jose Aldo has fought 9 times. Cowboy Cerrone, 23 times.

Stay ready, Cub.