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Real Quick w Mike Swick Podcast Ep 8: 1st Sponsor Banner Ever!

Episode #8 is here! Mike and Marc are back with no guest, but a lot of stories from their most recent trip. The most in-depth story in this episode is about Swick having the first UFC sponsor banner. Of course, that story is the most informative, but nowhere near the most ridiculous.

No, that honor goes to the story about Marc falling asleep on Mike’s shoulder on an empty plane. Marc could have laid down anywhere on the one hour flight, but chose the loving arms of Swick instead. While Marc snuggles, Swick read about ‘cat poop coffee’ and how it’s made.

Yes, this is ACTUALLY a true story from this episode.

From our YouTube:

“The guys are back from making MMA history in Pattaya, for the Rock Wars MMA show, and catch up on all the latest. Mike shares a piece of MMA history, as he tells the story of how he was the very first person in combat sports to use a sponsor fight banner. The entire story of how that went down, plus a little cat poop coffee info, that you just need to know.”