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Mike Swick in a snake pit. Cobra isn’t ‘Quick’ enough for Swick.

Guess what I’ll never do? Hop into a snake pit and go face to face with a Cobra. You would think after being attacked by a monkey and dealing with snakes once before, Mike Swick would learn his damn lesson. Nope.

I’m shaking my head as I type this and thinking, “Maybe that’s why I haven’t heard from Swick in the last few days”. It’s because he’s out there in Thailand messing with snakes. Never me.

At least this time he’s waving an AKA Thailand hat in front of them. Last time he posted a video with snakes he was trying to smack them on the head. What a psycho.

P.S. Can I get an advance on all writing payments for the next two years? Just covering my bases in case you wind up hospitalized because you want to play ‘Grab Ass’ with the Siamese Crocodile.