Angela Hill and Jessica Penne mock Colby Covington in ad for 2 Straws

Angela Hill

Angela Hill and Jessica Penne creatively promote their Youtube Channel

Colby Covington has been making a series of silly and uninspired videos that I suppose are done to be self-serving and advertise his awesomeness. By and large, they flop each and every time, leaving the viewer to wonder what was he thinking? Well, Angela Hill and Jessica Penne have taken note and decided to do their own video, mocking Colby in fine style.

The two lovely ladies have a Youtube channel called “2 Straws” and this is an add for their page. Here’s a link to their Youtube page. The preview events and break down them down as well. It’s a fun channel and Angela and Jessica are both hilarious and very knowledgeable.

The boomerang flying in in the final moments with Angela Hill screaming, “Call the police” was a very nice touch.