He just made the list! MMA fighter submits to Boston Crab.

Boston Crab

If you’re a fan of pro wrestling, and you should be, this one is pretty funny.

One of the videos making the rounds is a submission via Boston Crab, a famous professional wrestling move. Of course, Chris Jericho calls it the Walls of Jericho and took it to the next level. It’s not been seen in MMA until now.

Jonno Mears and Aaron Jones were involved in a pretty standard MMA bout this weekend when all of a sudden, the world of professional wrestling snuck in the door. Jonno had Jones on the mat, and looked to be fishing for a submission. Before anyone could say, break the walls down, he put Jones into a Boston Crab.  The fans were immediately cheering, and Jones had no choice to tap out. I mean, he has a family.