Joe Rogan, Anik and Cormier have some fun with Adalaide Byrd

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is a savage, check him out killing Adalaide Byrd

Last night during the UFC 222 event, Jon Anik made the possible mistake of reminded people that Adelaide Byrd was judging her first fight since her controversial decision during GGG and Alvarez. It didn’t take long for Joe Rogan and DC to take the bait and they were off to the races.

It starts innocent enough with Anik saying, “One of the judges judging this fight is Adalaide Byrd, her first time judging since the controversial 2016 decision in the GGG/Canelo Alvarez fight.” 

Rogan didn’t let that sit long and quipped, “She was driving a Ferrari after that fight.” They all laughed and Joe Rogan deadpanned, “She’s a nice lady though.”  Daniel Cormier quickly agreed to add, “She is a great lady, I saw her at the Ultimate Fighter….” and then all burst into laughter. Daniel Cormier tried to move on saying, “She’s a very nice lady and let’s just leave it at that.”  However, Rogan wasn’t done and he said, “So is my mom, but I wouldn’t want her calling any fights.” They again all burst out laughing and DC was like, “Someone come get Joe Rogan” jokingly. Joe added, “My mom would be like it…Canelo is handsome.” DC quipped, “I’ll give him the round.”  

It was all a funny exchange and made light of a serious situation in MMA. Judging and refereeing are just bad. Really bad. You can hear the exchange below.