Watch Kailan Hill absolutely starch Adam Fugitt at LFA 51

Kailan Hill

This is an odd left hand after a kick attempt, but the results are amazing!

I’ll tell you, LFA never fails to deliver some amazing highlights. Tonight was no exception as middleweights Kailan Hill and Adam Fugitt left us with a KO for the ages. It was a bit of an awkward exchange, but Hill threw a left hook after a failed knee that landed FLUSH to the face and sent Fugitt down in a heap. It was pretty scary.

It was kind of a flying knee into a Superman punch. Whatever it was, it was devastating. I watched it like twenty times on repeat. If you love epic knockouts, this one is for you. Ah, Fugitt, just check it out below.

Thanks to the gif master extraordinaire Caposa for the post. Give him a follow on Twitter for amazing highlights.