LFA 10 Double Knockdown highlight is fun for the whole family

LFA 10 Double Knockdown

Not quite the mystical Double Knockout, but still damn fun!

For those of you who missed LFA 10 tonight, you missed some fun. First things first, you can find the results right here.  That said, here’s a great highlight of the event. Adam Martinez took on Maikel Perez and the two put on a heck of a fight.  It was a great fight and gave us the LFA 10 Double Knockdown highlight!

There was one point in particular, where they both landed flush shots to each other’s chins, and down they both went. It was a lot like Rocky 2, without the slow motion.  The fine folks at AXS TV Fights shared the highlight via Twitter, and no we share it with you.

Just in case you’re curious, Martinez went on to win the fight via Guillotine Choke.