NFLer Adam “Pacman” Jones throws hands at the Atlanta Airport

Adam "Pacman" Jones

Pacman was not held by police who said he was defending himself.

Former Cincinnati¬†Bengal Adam Pacman Jones is currently a free agent in the NFL. That said, he’s in the news today for a fight inside the Atlanta Airport with an ABM employee who took the loss in the fight and then was arrested by police. ABM is an airport service company who provides employees to clean, serve as helpers to passengers etc. The employee who got into the altercation is named Frank Ragin and he had a bad night.

There was a woman who tried her best to diffuse the situation, but Ragin and Jones were clearly going to fight. After some sloppy punches and rushing towards Ragin, Jones connected with a right hand that dropped Ragin to the ground. It appeared Jones was going to pour it on at that point, but cooler heads prevailed and it was stopped.

TMZ has the video of course, and we’re sharing it with you. It’s not the best fight you’ll likely see today, but it might be the best airport fight between an NFL player and an airport employee you see today. Or not.