Adrien Broner has got jokes. However, they are racist and inappropriate


Nothing really surprises me anymore when it comes to Adrien Broner. However, when he starts getting wildly inappropriate, yeah, I’m still surprised. His latest outburst came at a press conference while hyping his fight with Manny Pacquiao. He straight up started telling racist jokes and thought they were hilarious.

To be a fighter, you have to be a little ‘off’. You just do. However, Adrien Broner is way off the reservation when it comes to being a stable and functioning being. During his little rant, the media even wised up to his poor taste. If you get fight media to boo and hiss at you, you are really doing something wrong.

You will be blown away by this video, SMH.

Adrien Broner arrested for Sexual Battery at shopping mall.


Adrien Broner cannot stay out of trouble. Like, it’s physically impossible for this guy to go out and not get arrested for doing something stupid. This time, it’s sexual battery.

Black Sports Online, obtained a statement from the Atlanta PD”

“On February 12, 2018, Atlanta Police Units were dispatched to 3393 Peachtree Road in reference to a sexual battery. Upon arrival, units spoke with the victim who advised that she had been inappropriately groped by a male later identified as Mr Adrien Broner.

Mr Broner denied the accusations and after being interviewed was charged with Misdemeanor Sexual Battery and transported to Fulton County Jail without incident. At this time there is no additional information to provide regarding this case.”

Video of Broner getting arrested:

Broner has been arrested more times than he has boxing losses. He’s still not even 30 years old.

Adrien Broner shoves woman, punches man. AB, WTF is wrong with you?

Adrien Broner shoves woman, punches man. AB, WTF is wrong with you?

Adrien Broner ran wild in Las Vegas on Friday night. Video was taken showing Broner punching a man. It also appears that he shoves his lady friend as well.

This isn’t the first time that Broner has gotten into trouble outside of the ring. However, this may be the last time, as he straight-up assaulted a man walking by. Clearly Broner has some things going on in his head that he needs to address. That, or he’s under the influence of something that brings out his demons.

One thing is for sure, this will not go unpunished. Broner is going to have a rough road ahead of him.


Adrien Broner: “I’ll fight on the Floyd/Conor card against Nate Diaz”

The room erupts with laughter when Adrien Broner says Conor will beat Floyd

The money-grab fad is now IN! Adrien Broner and Mikey Garcia had their press conference today for their July 29 fight. Of course, Broner went full Broner. He was insulted with the betting odds and being a huge underdog. He made sure everyone knew how he felt about that.

“You got some serious betters out there looking at that like, ‘five to one’? They ain’t giving me no chance. But, y’all sit up and say McGregor gonna beat Floyd. Man, his boxing game is crazy, man!

So, after this fight I just feel like if I come out untouched, I feel I should come back on Floyd’s undercard against Nate Diaz.”

It’s comical that whenever anyone mentions Conor beating Floyd, the entire room always erupts with laughter. Regardless, that fight is still happening and will do huge numbers. Every pro fighter in all combat sports are trying to get on the undercard because of the huge payday.

As it stands currently, there will only be boxers on the card.

Video: Fight Hype YouTube



Headgear couldn’t save Adrien Broner’s sparring partner from a beating!

Adrien Broner puts a beating on his training partner, preparing for Mikey Garcia

It’s safe to say that Adrien Broner has put his indiscretions behind him for the moment. Broner is preparing to fight Mikey Garcia on July 29 at the Barclays Center. Video has surfaced of him getting the best of and beating on his training partner.

It’s quite impressive considering he’s five weeks out, he was just shot at, and he was arrested for almost getting killed. Yes, that is 100% accurate.

In typical Adrien Broner fashion, he talks and taunts  his sparring partner the entire time. It must suck taking a whippin’ and being told about how you are taking it, from the guy who is smashing you.

Broner will take on Mikey Garcia on July 29 in New York City.

Video: FightHype YouTube

Adrien Broner responds to Tim Bradley calling him a tune-up fight. “Uncle Tom ass n***a”.

Adrien Broner responds to Tim Bradley calling him a tune-up fight. "Uncle Tom ass n***a".

Adrien Broner took to his Instagram and responded to Timothy Bradley calling him a good tune-up fight. “Stop talking crazy bald head Uncle Tom Ass N***a”. In the words of the great Ron Burgundy… “That escalated quickly.” Calling someone a tune-up fight is pretty disrespectful. Timothy Bradley is one of the classier guys in boxing … Read moreAdrien Broner responds to Tim Bradley calling him a tune-up fight. “Uncle Tom ass n***a”.

Boxing star, Adrien Broner wild arrest video. “I just almost got killed and they taking me to jail!”

Boxing star, Adrien Broner wild arrest video. "I just almost got killed and they taking me to jail!"

This video would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad. Well, it still is kind of hilarious. The back and forth between an intoxicated Adrien Broner and police was flat out ridiculous. Props to the police for not tazing him.

As the story goes, someone shot at his rented Suburban after following him from a bar in Cincinnati. Broner was unhurt, but the Suburban ate a solid eight bullets. Broner was stopped by police after entering Kentucky in a Suburban that looked like swiss cheese. As it turns out, Broner had an outstanding warrant from 2014. The arrest began and so did the mouth of a drunk Adrien Broner.

Here are some hits from the video:

Broner: “From when I was outside of the hotel. Misorderly conduct!”
Police: “DISorderly conduct.”

Broner: “I got two guns on me. That’s my arms, man. That’s what I do for a living.”

Broner: “C’mon man, I’m rich! I don’t give a f–k about nothinnnnn’. Bitch ass ni–as trying to kill me. Broke ass ni–as. Fu–ing millionaire!”

“C’mon man I ain’t running nowhere. I’m rich as f–k.”

AB: “Let me answer the phone at least.”

Police: “Who is it?”

AB: “Th-th-th-that’s one of my girlfriends.”

Police: “I ain’t answering it for one of your girlfriends.”

AB: “That’s my second wife.”

Police: “You got two wives?”

AB: “Yes.”

Police: “Damn. I’m living life wrong son.”



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