Justin Buchholz has an awesome Alaskan adventure in the cage.

Justin Buchholz

Justin was laying waste to this dude’s body when he moved in the way of the kick.

Team Alpha Male head coach Justin Buchholz is a bad dude. Not only does he train killers like Cody Garbrandt, Cynthia Calvillo, Andre Fili, and a host of others but he can mix it up a bit himself as well.  He and Duane Ludwig spent a good amount of the TUF season 25 in each other’s faces.  However, cooler heads always prevailed.

Well, Justin decided to take a fight up in Alaska, where he’s from. He made the journey to the Great White North and stepped into the cage on FightPass. He faced Marques Facine in what was a brutal contest. After Facine slipped to the canvas,  Justin unloaded on him with a series of kicks to the body. After the fourth kick or so, Facine dove into a kick to his head and immediately acted as if he was shot by a sniper.  He went into full Academy Award mode, and eventually, the announcer joking said over the PA system, “He has 30 minutes to recover.”  He could have had 30 days, Facine was done with this fight.

The kick was illegal, but it looked like Facine facilitated it by moving his head into the line of fire. The referee ruled it was accidental and Buchholz left with the victory in tow. Twitter user Honky Extraordinaire was nice enough to post a gif. We’re sharing it with you here.