Real Quick Retro Pick – Demetrious Johnson KO & dance party

Real Quick Retro Pick

Back in 2010 Demetrious Johnson fought in Alaska and did the damn thing.

I stumbled on this video today, and it’s pretty entertaining. Let’s get in our time machines and set the dials to 2010 and lovely Anchorage, Alaska. A young DJ Johnson was taking on Jesse Brock. At the time Brock was 10-4 as a professional and DJ was 9-0 and fighting his last regional show before going up to WEC. In his next fight, Johnson would lose to Brad Pickett, one of only two losses in his career. Check out the Real Quick Retro Pick video.

Demetrious was aggressive and landed a thudding right hand followed by a high kick that ended proceedings rather quickly. He did his trademark flip and then broke into a little impromptu dance party. Demetrious had moves, ladies, and gentlemen. It’s always fun to see these guys doing their thing before they were known on the main stage.

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