Bonehead fighter gets angry and pushes and punches the referee.

Bonehead Fighter

Don’t be this guy….this guy is what’s wrong with MMA. And life.

This video is a somewhat disturbing reminder of how some people simply don’t know how to act or behave. In the main event of Aggrelin 19, a German MMA event, Wilhelm Ott was facing Nihad Nasufovic.  Nihad was able to out-grapple Ott and would up taking his back and sinking in a perfect Rear Naked Choke.  Ott tapped the mat a couple of times, and the referee called for the bell.  Well, the bonehead fighter Ott immediately got to his feet and shoved the referee, then approached him and hit up with a sucker punch to the face.

The referee took it like a champion and walked down Ott, but others intervened and separated everyone before the scrum became a riot. It was just a stupid move by Ott, who likely faces a lengthy suspension for his actions.  Big ups to the ref who didn’t even blink, and seemed like he was about to take Ott’s head off. Well, Ott, no punching power, and subpar grappling….there’s always barber college I guess.